Is ‘Smart Gun’ Capable of Enhancing Safety of Firearms?

Published By : 29 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

It has been no secret that lenient firearms laws across many states in the U.S. have led to a number of massacres. According to data, in 2016 alone, toddlers have accidentally shot at least 23 people in the U.S. Further, the Texas A&M University has recently allowed some gun-free zones within college premises. This means that holders of the state handgun licenses will be allowed to carry concealed in classrooms and dormitories. Faculty members will only be able to ban guns across their offices and that too only after receiving administrative approval. 

Price and Laws to Deter Usage of Smart Guns

All these have led to the necessity of firearms that allow only authorized users to fire the gun. Florida-based iGun Technology Corp. has developed a smart gun that uses a ring with a chip embedded in it to send signals to a circuit board installed within the firearm to recognize the authorized user and only let that person to fire the gun. This is not the first attempt at developing a smart firearm for the safety of the authorized owner as well as others. In Germany, Armatix GmbH has developed a handgun that utilizes a watch to send signals to the handgun. This .22-caliber pistol has a 10-round magazine. The signal-sending watch needs to be within the perimeter of 10 inches of the handgun for it to fire. Gun dealers increasingly understand the importance of smart firearms for the safety of owner as well as other people. As a result, two gun dealers in the U.S. had made this smart gun available to customers in 2014. However, gun-right advocates stalled their sales as according to a law in New Jersey, within three years of smart guns being commercially available, only these guns could be allowed to be bought and sold in the state. Also, the price of smart guns will act as a major hindrance in their adoption.

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