IS Behind Destruction of Heritage Sites: Kerry

Published By : 23 Sep 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has blamed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the militant group Islamic State for destroying heritage sites in Syria, terming the act as an ugly, savage, inexplicable, and valueless act of barbarism. 

From a meeting focused on the defeat of the IS forces, Kerry broke away and attended a program at the Metropolitan Museum of Art titled “Heritage in Peril: Iraq and Syria”. 

The event took place only some hours before the U.S. made announcement about the air strikes it conducted against the IS inside Syria. The IS has acquired parts of Syria and Iraq and have also declared the formation of a caliphate. The extremist militant group has also been convicted of violating human rights, massacring and beheading civilians.

Clashes between Syrian forces and the militant group have led to huge damage to historic buildings and sites in Syria. Artifacts from archeological sites in Syria have also been illegally looted in the past three-year long civilian war. 

Kerry added that the ancient treasures in Syria and Iraq have been transformed to casualties due to continuing war and looting. Also, it is no other than the IS that has put the shared world heritage in gun sights. 

At the event, Kerry was joined by UNESCO chief Irina Bokova, and archeologist Michael Danti who has spent more than two decades of his life studying Syria’s cultural heritage until the time conflict erupted in Syria.

Kerry added that the destruction of their heritage sites is a crude and purposeful insult, and another example of IS’s implacable evil deeds. 
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