IRS Sets Up Advisory Committee in UAE

Published By : 24 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Indian Register of Shipping has ventured into the UAE arena to explore more business opportunities. As reported earlier in Dubai, the IRS has set up new advisory committee of seniors to deepen the roots of business links in the UAE region.  

The committee is made up of 11 senior representatives that are involved in shipping industry. The head of the UAE and chairman of the Transworld Group that is situated in Dubai reported the announcement of this committee in a company statement yesterday. 

The committee is planned to meet on a half yearly basis every year. They will discuss views and contribute their high level strategic advice to the IRS on the different ways to strengthen the business tactics, activities, and links in the UAE. 

IRS has to this date grown drastically in terms of marine and non-marine projects in the Middle East. It however, further aims to capitalize on its already established business and strong presence in the UAE. 

The meeting was launched with the Regional manager of the UAE. The meeting was attended by 70 guests, including the representatives of the UAE, Marshall Islands, St Vincent, Panama, and Grenadines. 

IRS carries the ship classification and certification as an independent ship classification. It also involves technical inspection services. 

IRS is a non-profit organization founded in India in 1975. The organization is a member of the 13 member of IACS.  
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