iPhone X Equipped with Anti-spoof Face ID Technology

Published By : 30 Oct 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

While tech giant Apple may be unable to explain how its forthcoming iPhone X can spot spoofing attempts, the firm has released a guide for the Face ID system that relies on two types of neural networks. Of the two, one of them have been specifically designed to resist spoofing attempts. However, the design of the Face ID system has been that it behaves like a black box. The behavior of the Face ID system can be observed, however, the underlying processes remain opaque.

As commented by Apple spokesperson, Face ID incorporated in the phone has the capability to distinguish a real person’s face with that of someone else wearing a mask to match the facial geometry of the real person. However, in some instances, it would be impossible to determine the clues that were picked upon.

Face ID Technology Overcomes Security Loopholes of Predecessor Technologies

Face ID is not the first facial recognition technology that has been incorporated into a mobile device. However, predecessor technologies have loopholes of being easily fooled with photos, 3D models, or video clips shown to the sensor. This make predecessor technologies unsuitable for payment authentication or situations that demand foolproof security check.

With the Face ID documentation that has been released more than a month prior to iPhone X going on sale, Apple hopes to address such concerns. This is particularly because iPhone X lacks Touch ID fingerprint sensor that are found on other Apple phones and tablets.

Apple’s website provides details how Face ID works in the iPhone X. 

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