IoT Phases in New Changes

Published By : 19 Jan 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

It is already clear the Internet of Things is here to stay. But not everyone is fully acquainted with the complete effects that the global IoT market can have on daily life. While current functions for common consumers involves turning a lot of things off and on using other things, the immediate future of this market is making it clearer that investor and developer interests are peaking.

One of the greater pushes in the global IoT market has been in the automotive industry, while minor trends such as phone-controlled light bulbs and other gimmicky things made their foray as well. However, one bit of tech that promises to stand out of the pack is Amazon Echo. It is basically a voice-controlled connected environment that allows a user to control features such as lights and other electrical gadgets, while also getting his/her questions answered and many other things. In fact, even Ford Motors has tied up with Amazon Echo to create cars that owners can use to control their lighting at home and other things while away.

Home security is taking a big turn for the better with major launches such as Vivint and promising to make home security an easier and stronger effort. These systems also make use of Amazon Echo. Another low-end but highly-touted instrument that uses Echo is Triby, which is like a kitchen radio that is linked to various online services such as Spotify.

We should also take into consideration that the global IoT market is no longer about toys and minimally usable devices and products; it is increasingly moving towards being a service-based market with a large number of companies that have claimed pipeline endeavors to obtain chunks of this market. For instance, the Procter & Gamble IoT-enabled air freshener, which can be integrated with the Nest Thermostat in order to release efficient ratios of air fresheners into the room in coordination with the air conditioning and fans in a home. Another example is the partnership being discussed by Whirlpool with Amazon which can let customers instantly re-order laundry detergent from their IoT-enabled washing machines.

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