Introduction of New Technology May Limit Unwanted Mobile Risk

Published By : 23 Jan 2019 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The new transformation pushed by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) states that the introduction of new technology will bother less to the people by blocking the unwanted calls, as several service givers are making efforts to block the automated calls made by robot and this initiative is get the support from the Federal Communication Commission.

This new version will help in filtering out the automated unwanted calls which is done by robot and this service is delivered free of cost through using the app. Further, it will collaborate with the AT&T and Mobile T which will provides several types of free filters apps that helps in reducing unwanted calls.

Several scam calls derived from the overseas by using technology that spoof or clone the number which in contact and it appears as if the call came from someone whom you know. This is further getting worse as the company provides data solutions to the cell phones carriers.

Fraud Callers May Access Consumers Details by Digital Fingerprint, informs First Orion, Corp.

First Orion, Corp. is an Arkansas-based enterprise company states that approximately half of the calls are either fraud calls or scam related calls. Further, the company inform the tele-consumers that if the consumers are not sure about the authenticity of the calls then they should strictly avoid the call.

The company also informed that if you try to answer the call and the moment they start connecting to an agent. The moment you start connecting with the consumers to find out the whereabouts of the calls, you will suddenly start getting a lot more calls from them (the people who is behind the scam calls).

The introduction of this technology helps in reducing robo calls and scam calls.

The moment the consumer receive the scam calls its trace the finger print through mobile calls and they get all the necessary information through the single call only.

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