International Renewable Energy Agency Energy Efforts Seems Plausible

Published By : 23 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Abu Dhabi, stated that the usage of renewable energy technologies and subsequent energy efficiency gains can help in reducing the emissions that will help the world to be greener. According to the report, the global renewable energy capacities will be capable of reaching at least 36% of the global demand for energy by 2030. 

If this goal is achieved, the world will be able to meet the internationally set goal of limiting temperature rise to 2C. The report adds that these energy efficiency measures can lead to further cuts in the emissions, which will reduce the pressure of designing or depending on alternative low carbon technologies.

According to Adnan Z. Amin, IRENA director-general, the energy sector creates two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is the precise reason for it to be the focal point of the action taken towards climate control. He further added that create a future that is fuelled by renewable energy, which is supplemented by constant energy efficiency efforts, is the only way of limiting the rise in the temperature. He also said that though this effort is happening, it has to gain momentum in order to limit the rise in the temperature to just two degrees Celsius.

The report by International Renewable Energy Agency is far more optimistic than the World Energy Outlook report that was published by International Energy Agency (IEA). The IEA report stated that the renewables will consume 60% of all the investments for installing new energy capacity till 2040 and would only be able to substitute coal, as the main source of energy, 2030.

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