Intels Mobile Division Observes US$4.21 Billion in Losses Over 2014

Published By : 19 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The mobile division of Intel Corp. incurred operating losses of US$4.21 billion in the year 2014, an amount that counts for the profits earned by all but two of the top 30 companies indexed on the semiconductor index of Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

Intel, the world’s largest maker of semiconductor chips, have racked up the losses in the negative sales of the businesses’ revenues in the fourth quarter of the year 2014. Rather than generating revenues, Intel is paying its customer for using chips in tablets, trying to build a position in the market while it brings new models of the semiconductor chips to the market in 2014, The company was able to have its processors in 46 million handheld devices. 

Reports say that only two semiconductor chip makers, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Qualcomm Inc. were able to gain profits that were more than Intel’s mobile-division losses for the past 12 months. However, the extent of the losses has not put off investors’ intentions in investing in the company. For them, Intel still represents a company that gives products with the best performance.

Intel has also recently bagged an award that confirms this confidence - the best performer award last year on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Despite the losses, Intel can still bank upon investor’s reliance on its potential of bringing the best products to the market. The company has over and over again shown its commitment towards entering the mobile market for making it a better marketplace, whatever the cost. 

The server business of Intel has put the company in a profitable state among companies that provide the gear for underpinning the explosion for services and mobile data. 
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