Instagram Develops A New Photo App

Published By : 31 Jul 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Snapchat-style Bolt app is the current new development by Instagram that enables users to send photographs that automatically get deleted after being viewed by the receivers. This app is currently available in South Africa, New Zealand and Singapore. It has however, been criticized by a small tech start-up firm also by the name of “Bolt”. The CEO of this company has requested Instagram to ensure that its brand identity does not get affected by any means. This small start up firm, Bolt, has created an app that allows users to take advantage of making free calls in their data plan. Bolt has also appealed to Instagram to consider a name change, however, the latter has yet not commented on the same.

Instagram wants to increase the availability of this app in many regions but at the moment its focus is on a couple of countries in order to measure the market demand for this app. 

In June, Slingshot, an app just like the one of Instagram’s, was launched by Facebook. 
Slingshot is different from Snapchat in terms of the unique features that it possesses like the system of unlocking wherein the photos received from the sender must be unlocked by “slinging” another photo back to the one who sent it. Slingshot also has a “select all” function that enables people to send a photo to all the people in the contact list at the same time. 

Back in 2012, Facebook had bought Instagram for $1billion. And in the very next year, Snapchat declined a bid worth $3billion from Facebook.
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