Innovative Technique for Treating Failing Dental Implants Set to Revolutionize Global Dental Implants Market

Published By : 21 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The global market for dental implants has observed significant growth in the past few years. A continuous rise in the globe’s geriatric population, rising demand for cosmetic dentistry, rising awareness about dental health, and rising disposable incomes, and rising concerns regarding oral health in developing regions are some of the chief factors why the demand for a variety of dental implants is on a continuous rise on the global front.

Dental implants were originally perceived as a long-term replacement for teeth and millions of implants are surgically placed every year across the globe. However, the high rate of implant failures (estimated to be around 16% and continuously rising) is a key factor limiting the overall growth of the global dental implants market.

To save the ailing and failing implants, patients are generally prescribed highly invasive surgeries. To avoid such surgeries, Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc., the renowned manufacturer of digital dental lasers, has developed a novel technology for treating gum diseases around teeth and dental implants.

The company has recently filed a patent application for innovations in its PerioLase MVP-7 dental laser and LAPIP protocol. The initiatives represent the commitment of companies in the dental implants market in developing technologies and devices aimed at making oral healthcare more patient-friendly.

The LAPIP protocol is minimally invasive treatment, which is also said to be quick and non destructive. The founder of Millennium Dental Technologies and the innovator of the LAPIP protocol, DDS, Robert Gregg, said that the LAPIM protocol for the treatment of conditions such as peri-implantitis and peri-mucositis around titanium implants.

Dental implants is a billion dollar marketplace and has excellent future growth prospects. When at one point the demand for dental implants is on a continuous rise on a global front, the issue of failed implants and its rising prevalence is a challenge that the market needs to tackle for implant techniques to be more widely accepted and executed. Innovations like the LAPIP protocol are surely a step ahead for the global market for dental implants on the way to tackling these issues.

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