Innovative Packaging to Play Important Role in Instant Beverage Premix Market

Published By : 08 Dec 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The instant beverage premix is one of the fastest growing segments in the beverages industry. The fast moving consumer market is creating a pressure on manufacturers in the instant beverage premix market to create newer products. Manufacturers in the market are resorting to innovative packaging design to attract consumers and also to ensure product differentiation in this saturated product category of instant beverage premix. Packaging design has in fact become a key driver for the improved sales of these beverages as consumers are becoming increasingly brand conscious. As the new generation of consumers are highly inclined to purchasing products that offer ease of usage, innovative packaging is expected to create a favorable environment for the instant beverage premix market. 

Growing Disposable Incomes of Consumers in Emerging Nations to Fuel Growth of Market 

The beverage premix products market in emerging countries is expected to witness a significant growth in the coming years as the economic conditions of the people in these nations is increasing. The disposable incomes of consumers in Japan, China, and India are expected to improve remarkably, fueling the growth of the market. In addition to this, the untapped market in Brazil is also expected to create significant growth opportunities in the market. 

Busy Lifestyles of Working Consumers to Fuel Demand for Instant Beverage Premix

The global instant beverage premix products market is highly benefited owing to a rise in the number of working professionals, including a high number of women. The youth consumers are also preferring instant beverage premix products owing to their busy lifestyles. Keeping in mind the want for new flavors and variants from youth consumers, manufacturers are striving to add different types of products to their portfolios as per consumer preferences. The availability of newer variety will further drive the market’s growth. 

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