Influence of Western Culture in Developing Nations to Drive Canned Food Market

Published By : 22 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

As per the 10-year study done by the experts, canned food is largely consumed by the youth. Adults who consumed canned vegetables and fruits in the recent past had a better diet score than those who consumed other food products. People consuming canned food might end up consuming more sugar and calories, but the intake of certain nutrients might also be higher, which helps to have a balanced diet. Californian researchers recently collected and analyzed data of 42,000 American adults and children who consumed canned food. Overall quality of diet was measured for the people based on different canned foods they consumed. Nutritional value gained by the people from different canned foods such as dairy, whole grains, meat, seafood, and others was measured. As per the measurements, adults who consumed tinned food earned more amount of nutritional value of certain nutrients, than those who consumed other foods. 

The global market for canned food is expected to expand rapidly in the years to come due to increasing consumption of various kinds of canned food products. Considering the growing preference of canned foods among the youth, the leading players in the global canned food market are focusing on introducing new varieties in the years to come. Influence of Western culture has led to rapid growth of the canned food market in the recent past. 

Rapid changes in the lifestyle of people, improved standard of living, and improvements in the purchasing power of the youth has led to the growth of the global canned food market. Availability of canned meat, fish, and meals is expected to propel the canned food market in the years to come. Growing number of new companies entering the global market will increase the level of competition for the leading players in the global canned food market in the years to come.

Longer shelf life of tinned food and improved quality will further propel the market for canned food. Excess sugar, salt, and preservatives in the canned food make it a secondary option for the health conscious people. Migration of tin components lead to botulism and this is another major factor affecting the growth of canned food.

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