Industry Outlook of Global Energy Drinks Market, Inclination towards Sugar-Free Drinks on the Rise

Published By : 29 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The market for energy drinks is expected to ride due to the growing health consciousness amongst consumers globally. The aged as well as young population are in the same way attracted towards products holding a promise to help them stay in good physical shape and active. Energy drinks are majorly consumed by athletes, sports persons, and people undergoing hectic lifestyles for building their energy lifestyles. The prime trends within the market for energy drinks are as follows:

  • Sugar-Free Energy: Sugar-free energy bars and red bull zero were introduced in February 2014 and has also racked up approximately £6.4m in past some years. The sale of Monster Absolute Zero has risen to £11.2m from 66.5% since the introduction in February 2014. The soft drinks which are zero-calorie or low calories soft drinks account for £1.8bn and is rising at 1%. On the other hand, the total soft drinks market is witnessing a marginal decline of 0.1%. In addition, Barr has also reduced its sugar content inspite of eliminating it in majority of the products. On the other hand, the top leader Red Bull has made an extra £4m.  On the other hand, in spite of the development of the biggest brand, the sector is experiencing sluggish growth as compared to the past one year.
  • Price: New flavors including Red Bull Editions range which was introduced in 2013 and was joined by a tropical flavor in the month of February have aided the top brands to expand at the expense of cheap label as well as budget brands, but keeping an eye on the cost. On the other hand, Lucozade dominated the market having sales of worth £462.6m. In 2014, the brand’s major progress can be attributed to the launch of 79p PMPs. 
  • Natural Energy: For numerous brands, it’s not enough to just preach about a product containing caffeine. For instance, nowadays an increasing count of brands are referring to natural caffeine sources including guarana or green tea in their marketing. As consumers look for sugar substitutes for adopting a more ‘natural’ as well as positive energy kick, the sweeteners B vitamins and sucralose are gaining popularity by replacing sugar.

Thus, energy drinks have emerged as the ‘wild west’ of the sector of soft drinks and the market for energy drinks is poised to grow in the coming years.

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