Industry Outlook of Cosmetic Packaging, Use of Biodegradable Materials to Boost Growth

Published By : 09 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The cosmetic industry is undergoing a soaring demand, particularly from the BRIC countries, due to the high rate of cosmetic promotions and the improving economic conditions in these countries. The e-commerce market has also immensely benefitted the industry for cosmetics and in return has also boosted the industry for cosmetic packaging. In addition, the increasing beauty-conscious population and the increasing innovations from the cosmetic manufacturing companies have also driven the growth of the industry for cosmetic packaging. 

  • Rising Preference for Plastics: In this industry, plastics are amongst the most commonly utilized packaging materials and represented a share of more than 50% in the market. A number of benefits associated with the usage of plastics such as their ease of manufacturing, variations in designs, and flexibility have raised their demand within the industry for cosmetics. These are some other benefits such as low cost, they being lightweight, unbreakable, durable, odorless, and inert to majority of the chemicals.

In addition, good quality plastic containers are extremely durable and thus provide safety to the customers using cosmetics in addition to reducing the loss of products owing to breakage. The majorly utilized plastic materials prevalent within pharmaceutical packaging are polyethylene terephthalate, polyethylene, amino formaldehydes, poly methyl methacrylate, and polyamides. However, plastics are accompanied with poor physical stability and impact resistance and in certain cases may cause cracks. These disadvantages may hamper the usage of plastics and shift the preference of manufacturers towards using glass as a packaging material.

  • Rising Inclination toward Glass as Packaging Material: Owing to some disadvantages related with the usage of plastics as packaging materials within the cosmetic packaging industry, some of the manufacturers are now shifting their focus toward glass packaging. This is because glass packaging doesn’t react with the personal care products’ chemical composition. The packaging done with glass helps in the protection of the product from oxygen and moisture and keeps the product in good shape. This is the reason why fragrances, nail varnishes, and others are packed in glass materials. 
  • Emergence of Metals as Packaging Materials: In addition to plastic as well as glass containers, metals have also gained importance within the cosmetics industry. Containers made out of metals such as collapsible metal tubes have come up as lucrative packaging solutions in cosmetics. Collapsible metal tubes permit controlled quantity of product dispersal and feature good closure as well as prevent the product from oxidizing. 

Hence, the global cosmetic packaging market is poised to rise exponentially. The trend of utilizing biodegradable materials for reducing wastage is a key trend seen in the market for cosmetic packaging. 

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