Indias Next Big Step in the RE Sector - Public Parks to Feature Carbon-neutral Lighting

Published By : 01 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

India is progressing towards a brighter future and this bright future is lit by solar lights. It was recently announced that the city Kolkata in India will be powering its public parks with solar lights.


The country is progressing rapidly in the renewable energy sector. Just taking a look at the recent news shows how rapid this progress is. Around a month back, it was announced that the country was raising it renewable energy target to 100 MW from its previous moderate target of 40 MW. Then another news hit that said that the airport in Kochi became the first airport in the world to be fully powered using solar energy.


Another news said that Madhya Pradesh that lies in the heart of the country will begin its construction of the world biggest solar power station, which will surpass previous solar power generating stations. Another brilliant step that the country has taken is to provide lights in its public parks using solar energy.


This is going to be implemented in Kolkata. This innovative automated solar lighting system was first installed in Deshapriya Park on a trial basis and now will be extended to around 28 parks by the KMC (Kolkata Municipal Corporation). The most innovative part about these systems is that they don’t use any battery and are connected with the grid. An automatic system has been set up and the solar lights tend to be switched on during evening time automatically and turned off automatically in the morning. Also, these lights become dim during the middle of the night, when high intensity light is not required.


According to S P Gon Chowdhury, a renewable energy expert who devised this technology they have been very successful with this technology, which has helped them save around 90% on electricity bills.


With such innovations, India will surely be able to reach its ambitious RE target may be even before 2022.

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