Indians prefer holidaying abroad in the season of Christmas: IBM Study

Published By : 20 Dec 2013 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to the analysis by IT major IBM, Indian consumers keenly prefer to spend their leisure holidays abroad this Christmas season. The analysis was majorly conducted on to consumer interests and enthusiasts for spending their pleasure holidays abroad. 

According to the IBM analysis report, the travel and hospitality sectors were trending high as 33% of all every social conversation recorded online. Over 250,000 online conversations were recorded to understand the travel trend and preferences of Indian consumers. This also involved high volumes of discussions regarding driving, flying, and vacation with friends and family.   

The trends of places were as follows: London was mentioned as the most visited and desired destination city, which was followed by Thailand as the most emerging city in social conversations. 

Goa the busiest and most fond travel destination in India was followed by Delhi-Agra-Jaipur and Golden-Temple. Another most popular destination in India is the Taj Mahal followed by Golden-Temple. It is recognized to be one of the highly discussed monuments in social media content. Besides the famous destinations, palaces and beaches are the most visited places on people’s vacation agendas. Nonetheless, Kerala ranks top in the charts for being addressed as the top trending state in India. 

Dr Lata Iyer, Partner, Global Business Services, IBM India & South Asia said people’s choices for vacationing and travelling to different destinations mainly revolves around experience and service, while price is the main affecting factor in terms of hospitality and travel agents.

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