Indian Scout - Reintroduced

Published By : 04 Aug 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Indian motorcycle brand, Indian Scout which had become defunct has again been introduced in the market. It is now ready to diversify by introducing an inexpensive and a smaller version of the motorcycle.

During the yearly held motorcycle rally in Sturgis, Polaris Industries unfurled the “Scout”. The price of this Indian motorcycle is estimated to be 558 pounds weighing about 1/3rd lesser than the Chief Classic model. The new model is easier to maneuver and handle and is available at a price of $11,000 in contrast to the chief model which is priced at $19,000. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Scout was this company’s second-best selling motorcycle. In Western Europe, during the II World War, large number of Scouts carried the US soldiers. As a result, it can be stated that the brand heritage that this model carries with itself can be compared to the one that takes decades to establish. The Harley Davidson is also a well established motorcycle brand that boasts of supporting US troops. Polaris’s Indian is till date a small player in the market in spite of all of its marketing endeavors. Its share in the market for heavy bikes is a lean 3%. 

In the forthcoming months, Polaris intends to double its network of about 150 US dealers. Also, this brand plans to diversify overseas as well. This company already is in the process of recruiting about 300 employees at a manufacturing centre situated near Spirit Lake, Iowa which as a result, will increase the number of people employed to 1050. 

A major challenge has been the stimulation of the production process in order to meet the rising demand for bikes worldwide.
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