Indian Pharma Names form IPEC India

Published By : 01 Sep 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The top pharmaceutical excipients industry names in India have come together to establish the country’s first-ever excipients council, the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council (IPEC).

Ajit Singh from ACG Worldwide and Subodh Priolkar from Colorcon Asia are the founding members of IPEC India. The other founding-member companies involved are BASF India, SPI Pharma, Dow Chemicals, Merck Group, Micro Labs, Lubrizol India, and Indchem International.

The IPEC Federation has recognized IPEC India as its fifth member, alongside Europe, China, Japan and the Americas. The federation lists more than 250 members across its affiliations. It was established as a platform for promoting proper usage of excipients to enhance patient treatment methods.

Subodh Priolkar said that the formation of IPEC India is a welcome initiative for the country. India is one of the biggest providers of pharmaceuticals and excipients. He said that it is important for the Indian companies to have a global representation under one banner.

Ajit Singh hopes that IPEC India will affect the country’s excipients companies in three ways. It should firstly represent all authorized excipients manufacturers and distributors to the government. He also hopes that the initiatives such as the EXCiPACT will allow IPEC India to improve and maintain healthy standards within the country’s excipients market. They will create a level playing field with better practices and audit guidance.

Ajit Singh also said that IPEC India should help create a knowledge base for the excipients industry in India, and share its intellectual resources through workshops, seminars, and conferences with the bodies involved.
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