Indian Origin Sanjeev Gupta Acquires ZEN Energy of Australia

Published By : 22 Sep 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

UK-based GFG Alliance of Sanjeev Gupta, the Indian-origin business tycoon has reached an agreement to acquire major stakes of Australia's ZEN Energy. ZEN is a prominent energy company in Australia that offers households and businesses with reliable, affordable, and custom-made solutions. This strategic partnership will work towards improving energy security and reducing cost of power for GFG Alliance and other businesses in Australia. Australian consumers pay high cost for energy and this is weakening the economy, of an otherwise rich country with adequate resources. Gupta said that it is essential that a long term sustainable energy solution be founded on both economic and environmental principles for it to work properly. With the strong combination of the power expertise developed in the U.K by GFG Alliance and the local knowledge of ZEN in Australia, the renewable energy project will become powerful.

ZEN Energy has unmatched market in Australia with its technological knowledge to address the challenges of the country’s power sector and partnering with them will help them invest for further growth, with the main focus being renewable energy in the U.K.  ZEN offers power supply solutions to large industrial customers and has an extensive experience in designing and installing solar and battery storage solutions for both commercial and residential customers. The company makes use of a combination of energy which is sourced from both existing and new power plants and delivers energy supply solutions at competitive pricing. The chairman of ZEN Energy said that they have been on the lookout for the right capital investor with whom to sign a strategic partnership deal, enabling them to realize their plans, and in Sanjeev Gupta they have found the perfect match.

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