Indian Government to Use Technology to Monitor Chemical Levels in Ganga

Published By : 18 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In its mission to clean and protect Ganga, the Union government may take the help of technology to track the level of chemical components in the river and send real-time SMS alerts when quantities exceed the permitted level. According to a top executive of a state-owned company, Uma Bharti, the Union Minister heading the department of Water Resources, River Development, and Ganga Rejuvenation, has invited proposals on the matter from the industry. 

State-owned company, Telecom Consultants of India, has submitted a proposal for using transducers in tracking the levels of effluents in the river. Transducers convert the chemical parameters into electrical information, and can process and transmit the data. They can be employed to alert the authorities by sending automated SMSes. According to TCIL CMD Vimal Wakhlu, the status of the river water would be updated online to a centralized server by installing chemical transducers at every outlet to check water quality, and the regulators would be alerted through SMS. The public sector company aims to assist the government in its initiative to clean Ganga by offering expertise through machine-to-machine technology. To reduce the level of contamination in Ganga, the government has mandated the use of treatment plants by the companies and the civic bodies, before discharging waste into the river.

However, Wakhlu points out that the project would need about 100,000 transducers. Unavailability of transducers in the country is a restraining factor and an imported transducer costs US$30,000. He is hopeful that under the “Make in India” campaign, if transducers are manufactured locally, the cost would come down and the effectiveness of the project will help in cleaning other rivers such as Yamuna. 
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