Indian Consumers Increasingly Moving from Traditional Sweets to Chocolate

Published By : 15 May 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Consumers in India are showing an increasing inclination towards chocolate as opposed to traditional Indian confectionery that’s high in calories. There are several reasons for this – the most prominent being increasing urbanization and a higher disposable income. Moreover, many traditional confectioneries are regarded as being high in calorific value, and this is prompting many health conscious consumers to seek healthier alternatives to satiate their sweet cravings. These were the findings of a study by TechSci Research.

Comparisons show that traditional sweets are dense on calories. These could worsen conditions such as diabetes that have a high prevalence rate here. According to estimates of the Indian Public Health Foundation, India is home to nearly 62 million diabetics. And, by 2030, the number of diabetics in India is expected to soar to 100 million. 

In fact, this trend is demonstrated by a growing consumption of dark chocolate by Indians. The demand for dark chocolate has continued to rise, and it now comprises approximately 25% of the total Indian market for chocolate. Interestingly, dark chocolate’s growth trajectory has surpassed that of the milk chocolate and white chocolate varieties. Much of the growing Indian chocolate market has been propelled by the increasing consumption of milk and dark chocolate. The premium segment is witnessing never-before growth figures and manufacturers continue to remain optimistic about the potential offered by consumers of premium market segments.

In the last couple of years, the Indian market has witnessed the entry of leading brands such as Lindt, Mars, Hershey, and Ferrero Rocher. Latest intelligence from this market suggests that a number of leading brands are contemplating the launch of brand-specific stores in major Indian cities. 
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