India to be Renewable Energy Superpower: Energy Minister

Published By : 01 Oct 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

India’s new Energy Minister proclaims that the country will become a renewables superpower. He said that the current coal-driven energy production will also go through a rapid expansion phase.

Regarding the criticism over India’s coal rush and its consequential climate change effects, Piyush Goyal dismissed them, stating the western countries have themselves enjoyed the advantages of non-renewable energy sources for many years.

The statements come along with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious goal to supply electricity to the 300 million Indians currently living without it. It also marks the reactions of how India will approach the important 15 months of negotiations regarding a UN agreement to manage global warming.

All developing nations require a huge increase in power supply to raise them out of poverty. But the current crisis requires the use of multiple renewable and non-polluting sources to avoid having a deep impact on global warming.

Piyush Goyal, the minister for power, coal and new and renewable resources, explained Modi’s aim to supply electricity to every village in the country. He said electricity has the potential to transform lives in both economic and social senses. He mentioned the frustration of having to study under streetlamps and not being able to provide enough care to pregnant women without electricity.

He pledged his government will put a stop on the polluting and expensive diesel-based electricity. He mentioned creating an India that is free of diesel generators within the five years of the current government’s regime.

Modi’s government has put forth multiple energy announcements within the first 100 days of establishment, including adding prominence to solar power generation.
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