Increasing Use of 3D Imaging Across Various Applications to Boost Global 3D Imaging Market

Published By : 29 Jan 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

3D imaging technology provides an accurate visual effect, which helps professionals to generate an insight of depth, resulting in an improved 360 degree viewing experience of the images. The introduction of advanced technology in 3D imaging sensors and 3D displays coupled with increasing use of 3D imaging across various applications are expected to propel the global 3D imaging market in the coming few years. 

Over the past few years, the adoption of 3D imaging services has increased across the globe. Various industry verticals such as media and entertainment, advertising, healthcare, architecture and engineering, and construction have started incorporating 3D imaging technology into their development and production process. 

A surge in the demand for 3D imaging applications across various industries is expected to contribute towards the growth of the global 3D imaging market. 

Recent examples of how companies/groups/nations benefited from the adoption of 3D imaging 

  • Recently, 3D imaging and printing technologies assisted a Washington surgeon to build new knee implants for the patient who was undergoing a knee surgery. A new 3D imaging technology, ConforMIS 3D imaging and 3D printing, was tested by a surgeon at a Las Vegas Symposium.
  • 3D imaging expanded the dimensions of vision systems by lowering the cost of the 3D component. OEM vendors recently offered new opportunities for the developers of vision systems. 
  • Mower County offices dealing with land issues recently added 3D imaging services to their resources. With this, Mower County aims to provide 3D photos that can showcase a top-down perspective for the county workers to utilize for a wide variety of functions. 

The increasing demand for medical imaging, the growing use of 3D imaging in industrial automation and machine vision applications, and the growing demand for 3D imaging technology in the media and entertainment industry are predicted to boost the growth of the global 3D imaging market in the next few years. 

Cost and design constraints of 3D imaging technology are expected to restrict the growth of the global 3D imaging market. However, going forward, end-use products such as smartphones, 3D cameras, and sonography are expected to generate more revenue for the global 3D imaging market in the next few years.  

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