Increasing Penetration of Electronics Devices Fuels Demand for Monolithic Ceramics

Published By : 08 Mar 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The global monolithic ceramics market derives much of its growth from the widespread application of monolithic ceramics in the automotive, electrical and electronics, medical, power, and defense sectors. Asia Pacific, North America, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World are the key regional markets for monolithic ceramics in the global arena.

Asia Pacific Dominates Worldwide Monolithic Ceramics Market
Asia Pacific acquired the largest share of the global monolithic ceramics market in 2014 and was closely followed by Europe and North America. The rapid expansion of the electrical and electronics industry in this region has boosted the Asia Pacific monolithic ceramics market significantly. Japan, China, and India have contributed greatly to the growth of this regional market.

Additionally, the rise in the Asia Pacific automotive is likely to fuel the demand for monolithic ceramics products in the near future due to their widespread application in this industry. Owing to this, the Asia Pacific monolithic ceramics market is expected to maintain its leading position in the coming years.

North America has also exhibited healthy growth in the worldwide monolithic ceramics market over the past few years. In 2014, the demand for monolithic ceramics was the highest from the U.S. in North America. In recent times, the power sector has emerged as the biggest end user for monolithic ceramics in this region.

Increasing Demand for Laptops and Mobiles Boosts Demand for Monolithic Ceramics
The increasing demand for electronic devices such as laptops and mobile phones across the world is driving the global market for monolithic ceramics. However, the high cost associated with the energy that is used to produce monolithic ceramics is projected to restrict the growth of this market over the next few years. Other prominent factors that are influencing the global monolithic ceramics market are:

  • The increase in the usage of monolithic ceramics in the production of turbine blades and other engine components.
  • The growth in demand for monolithic ceramics in medical applications.
  • The rise in pollution control measures in emerging nations.

Some of the key manufacturers of monolithic ceramics across the world are Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing, CoorsTek Inc., Elan Technology, McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies, and Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials.

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