Increasing Number of Green Offerings Stimulates Growth of Global Eyewear Market

Published By : 21 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The multi-billion dollar eyewear market is projected to quadruple in the coming few years. This market is driven by increasing consumer base, faster renewal rate of lenses, and rising disposable income levels. The demand for eco-friendly eyewear is also shaping growth of the global eyewear market. To take advantage of this opportunity, several companies in the global eyewear market have introduced their eco-friendly eyewear range, while some new enterprises have entered the market with green products.

Over the past few years, the number of companies entering the eyewear market with green offerings is on the rise. In 2013, a Los Angeles-based eyewear brand, Giving Tree Eyewear introduced shades that are almost damage-free and eco-friendly. The eyewear is made of thermoplastic, which makes them bendable, lightweight, and BPA-free.

In March 2015, a NYC-based eyewear line Illesteva introduced its new eyewear range called Leonard. This range boasts of 100% biodegradable products and are fabricated using sustainable organic plasticizers and cellulose acetate flake. 

Nau!, an eyewear brand based in Milan introduced its green eyewear line in December 2015. This plastic used in this range is 96% recycled and is committed to protect the environment. It includes eco-friendly, colorful, and funky shades and optical frames. Other that these, several other companies are introducing eco-friendly glasses. For instance, Woodzee has introduced wayfarer-style frames manufactured using bamboo. Warby Parker offers glasses using green materials. Grown has a range of organic, sustainable wooden eyewear that are handcrafted and are ethically sourced from renewable hardwoods and bamboo. 

With the rising number of environment-conscious consumers, the demand for eco-friendly products in the global eyewear market will further rise. Due to this, companies in the global market for eyewear are competing for materials. Innovative materials that are eco-friendly and also exhibit properties of high durability and corrosion resistance are the choice materials.

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