Increasing Demand to Expedite QA Process Fuels Global Test Automation Market

Published By : 06 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Test automation involves the use of software to test programs to make sure all parts of the code are error free. Software testing involves various tests for a comparison analysis of actual output with the expected output. These tests are vital for any program, as there lies significant business value for the software to function properly. At present, software testing is predominantly done manually. However, the unavoidable human errors in the process is increasingly necessitating the use of automated testing.

There are several factors driving the global test automation market presently. Increasing adoption of IT solutions in the corporate sector is the major factor driving the global test automation market. With the increasing usage of mobile-based particularly cloud-based applications, automation is much easier to implement in any business environment.

While the usage of advanced technological solutions is on the rise, it is still exorbitantly expensive for many countries, especially in developing countries. This is because in these countries digital as well as brick-and-mortar facility required for large-scale deployment of IT solutions is often absent. This will pose as a challenge to the growth of the global test automation market in the future.

The global test automation market is divided into integration, acceptance, compatibility, platform, usability, mobile testing, integration, web services, load, security, network, migration, and process design quality analysis.

In a recent industry development, Appvance a leading software testing company has announced the launch of Appvance UTP, which is a new test automation platform. The platform enables companies to unify several layers of software testing to be consolidated into one, which reduces the amount of time for the QA process drastically. Appvance UTP also comprises a novel Designer recording environment capable of scripting use cases rapidly sans the need of the designer to write a single line of code. Some of the standard technologies such as JavaScript and HTML5 can be utilized in this service.

The development of novel test automation platforms could turn out to be a game-changer in the global industry for test automation. This is because higher efficiency of unified platforms allows players for testing to be done in a fraction of second than it took before.

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