Increasing Demand for Wood Finishing to Drive Global Linseed Oil Market

Published By : 30 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Linseed oil is derived naturally from ripe and dry seeds of a flax plant. It is commonly known by the name of flaxseed oil across the globe. The several benefits offered by linseed oil have contributed substantially towards the growth of the global linseed oil market in the last few years. It is obtained by pressing the flaxseeds and extraction procedure. Linseed oil bears an exceptional property of polymerizing through which it can convert into a solid form. This is one of the major factors fuelling the growth of the linseed oil market across the globe. 

Linseed oil can be mixed with other oils, solvents, and resins to use it as a pigment binder in paints and coatings and as a varnish for wood finishing. It is also used as one of the key ingredients in the manufacturing procedure of linoleum. Along with this, linseed oil find applications in different inks and soaps. The growing demand for linseed oil worldwide can be attributed to its growing application as a varnish for the treatments of wooden products. Linseed oil plays a crucial role in this treatment as they do no form a solid coating on the surface and are properly absorbed. In addition, it provides a shiny appearance to the wooden surface without appearing too much glossy.

Some of the major products that are manufactured using linseed oil are mentioned below:

  • Grinding Oil
  • Tempering Oil
  • Catalized Curing Oil
  • Special Varnishes
  • Bonding Oil
  • Integral Oil
  • Special Conjugated Oil
  • Litho Oil (Pale As Well As Regular)

The rising use of linseed oil in diverse application are encouraging the leading players in the market to expand their product portfolio. These players are making efforts to expand the application base as well to boost their sales figures in the next few years. In addition, the research and development activities are expected to contribute substantially towards the growth of the global linseed market in the next few years. 

Some of the prominent players engaged in the linseed market across the globe are American Linseed Oil Co., Cargill, and Krishi Oils Ltd.

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