Increasing Cancer Incidence of Cancer Benefits Oncology Radiation Therapy Market

Published By : 08 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Radiation therapy is an important element for cancer treatment is well demonstrated in the curative turn-out of the condition, say medical experts. Radiation therapy refers to the utilization of radioactive substances, X-rays, etc. to destroy cancerous cells without harming healthy tissues in the vicinity. Radiation therapy is either given independently or it is given in a combination to other therapies, with the intent to shrink tumor cells, alleviate pain, or other symptoms of cancer for palliative care.

In present times, oncology radiation therapy is gaining expeditious expansion due to several reasons. First and foremost, an increasing incidence of cancer across the globe are the reasons for the same. As per a data published in February 2015 by the World health Organization, cancer is registered as one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality across the world, with almost 14 million new cases recorded every year. In 2012, almost 8.2 million deaths were related to cancer, as per data from the World Health Organization.

Moreover, consistent technological advancement in cancer research and therapeutic care are favoring growth of the oncology radiation therapy market. An increasing pool of geriatrics and favorable claim policies for cancer therapeutics are also propelling growth of this market. Nevertheless, harmful side effects of radiation and high cost of the treatment are posing as hurdles to the growth of this market.

Radiation therapy for cancer therapeutics is mainly of two types, namely external radiation therapy and internal radiation therapy. External radiation therapy involves transmission of radiation through a machine placed outside the body and includes, proton beam therapy, stereotactic radiation therapy, 3-D conformal radiation therapy, and intensity modulated radiation therapy.

Some other oncology radiation therapies are systemic radiation therapy, intraoperative radiation therapy, radioprotectors, radioimmunotherapy, and radiosensitizers. 

North America and Europe contribute a significant revenue chunk to the global oncology radiation therapy market. These regions being technologically advanced and are supported by a robust infrastructure for research purposes.

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