In-app, In-game, and SMS Mobile Ads Continue to Propel Global Mobile Advertising Market

Published By : 29 Jul 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Mobile marketing and advertising are now introduced in numerous forms, unlike the limited options which were available a decade ago. SMS advertising, one of the earliest marketing methods has now become outdated. Today, in the mobile advertising market, sound clips, images, in-app ads, in-game ads, email ads, and MMS are trending. The consistent increase in the speed of smartphone networks has enabled videos to be delivered to the users in no time. The development of various smartphones and easy internet access from smartphones has enabled mobile advertisers in many ways. 

Promotions and advertisements on the small screens have become possible because of the technological advancements. Sales promotion activities such as competitions and prize draws are commonly applied by advertisers to attract the buyers. Using smartphones to promote prize draws and competitions has become a rising trend among the advertisers. All these factors are expected to boost the global mobile advertising market. 

Even though SMS marketing is being taken over by in-app ads and in-game ads, advertisers are concentrating on minimizing practical limitations of using SMS as an advertising platform. With this, the advertisers are planning to make SMS as the most effective advertising tool.

Advertising can become a tough task if not executed properly. The advent of smartphones is helping advertisers to take their advertising efforts one step ahead. Many online advertising platforms have registered issues relating to data security, deletion, privacy, and manipulation. This has led to the rising use of mobile platforms by advertisers to advertise their services and products. Going forward, the in-app advertising platform is expected to be the most used platform, thus is predicted to dominate the global mobile advertising market. 

Mobile advertising finds application in BFSI, telecommunication and IT, academics, government, healthcare, supply chain and logistics, FMCG, energy and utility, hospitality and tourism, media and entertainment, and many other industries. Considering the factors such as security, flexibility, and the reach, advertisers select the most accurate mobile advertising platform to promote their services and new products.

Companies such as Amobee, Inc., (Singtel Ltd) Facebook, Inc., Google, Inc. (Admob Ads),  Millenial Media, Apple, Inc. (iAd), Flurry (Yahoo, Inc.), and Microsoft Corporation are taking efforts to introduce new mobile advertising platforms. Key players are aiming to provide advertising solutions such as content delivery, campaign solutions, mobile proximity, report and analysis, and integrated solutions.

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