IBM’s Unit, Global Business Services Bangs First Position For Thought Leadership

Published By : 13 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

As per the recent report provided by White Space, IBM again bangs the first position among other major global consulting organizations for the quality of its thought leadership. The rankings given by White Space are decided on the basis of four evaluation standards such as appeal, resilience, prompting actions, and differentiation. 

IBV Institute for Business Value takes pride in publishing the IBM’s thought leadership in IBM Global Business Services, a consulting unit of IBM. As per the records, this is the third consecutive ranking in lead for IBM. The White Space report throws a light over the quality and relevance of IBM’s thought leadership reports specifying that IBM will be focusing on timely issue and will be built on robust research and will be written in a concise manner. To add, IBM has also received high praise for furnishing the readers with steps to follow along with providing actions. 

Co-founder of Source Information and White Space, Fiona Czernaiwska stated that they have come across many other consulting enterprises who has a focused vision for what thought leadership are generating the highest quality of content. However, IBM has topped the list among five other organizations for thirst straight report. It proves that Institute for Business Value IBV is gaining from driving a focused approach to quality, control, and management.

The IBM Institute for Business Value influences the experts globally to develop emerging trends, success patterns and business innovations. This recognition received by IBM's published thought leadership is a effect of IBM's ongoing dedication to furnish its clients with insight on issues of industry dynamics and business transformation.
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