IBM Introduces its Watson-based Platform for IT Sector

Published By : 14 Jul 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

IBM, one of the world’s leading IT service provider, has built a Watson-based service platform, its cognitive system. With this, the company is looking to gain an edge over its competitors, as the IT service space is continuously getting more and more competitive. The leasing IT services companies across the world have been constructing their own artificial intelligence platforms as they try to retain their customers and maintain their margins, as their conventional business is getting increasingly automated.

Gopal Pingali, the vice president of GTS Labs, IBM, stated that the company has already deployed several parts of the platform with more than 800 clients and is putting it all together effectively. This platform is especially designed for hybrid IT environments and IBM is keen on breaking into new accounts by pitching their novel Watson-based offering, added Pingali. However, the main target for the company is still its existing customers.

Although Watson was one of the first cognitive computing systems, this is IBM’s first Watson-based platform, which it has launched in the IT services sector. The company, however, is fully prepared to face strong competition as there is a large pool of cognitive platforms of almost all of the IT giants in the market.

The cognitive platform of Tata Constancy Services is called Ignio, Wipro’s is Holmes, and Infosys has named its cognitive platform as Nia. According to IBM, its platform is stronger that other similar offerings in the market, given the massive amount of the existing data on which its platform would be trained.

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