IBM Builds First Bengaluru Machine Learning Center

Published By : 04 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Software giant IBM recently announced the opening of its first center for machine learning center in Bengaluru, India. The new “ML Hub” could offer organizations in the metro a physical space where they can get their employees to take up hands on learning and training on machine learning.

India Needs ML Hubs

According to the VP for IBM India Software Labs Gaurav Sharma, the timing is perfect for the implementation of the machine learning centers in the country. Private and government organizations are swiftly moving towards larger digital platforms, and it makes sense to adapt better machine learning skills in this time of need. He also mentioned that machine learning, since its inception by IBM multiple decades ago, has undergone a sea of change over the recent past, thanks to technological advancements in the ICT industry. The IBM ML Hub is intended to be a platform for people with similar minds and efforts to collaborate and convert their efforts in the processes related to data sciences.

Pocket Growth Plans Implemented by IBM

The machine learning hub is likely to be a part of a greater effort by IBM in countering its downturn faced in the businesses of both hardware as well as software. According to market news, IBM had reported a lower quarterly revenue than what was expected due to the failure of its higher margin services in data analytics, cyber security, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to cope up with the company’s legacy business areas.

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