Huaweis Market Performance Almost at Par with that of Apples

Published By : 10 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

With greater influx of China based mobile phone manufacturers in the market, the partnerships that they have with a few local supply chains are also increasing. A senior official at Huawei stated that the company may soon be taking over a greater market share; a share that may exceed that of Apple’s. And this will take place in the domestic market for smartphones sometime in 2016. 

Industry experts have concluded that many Chinese manufacturers in the smartphones market are at par with most suppliers for Samsung and Apple. The Mate S smartphone, a new flagship was launched recently by Huawei. This new launch makes use of the Force Touch technology. Huge sums of money have been invested by Huawei in conducting the research and development activities, and most senior officials at Huawei believe that the returns on having invested so much is yet to be witnessed by the company. 

It has also been predicted that the company will also be reaping the benefits of such an investment. It is expected that by Wednesday, Apple would be launching the iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone 6S in the market. The focus however will be on the Force Touch technology, which is commonly known as the 3-D Touch. There are numerous Chinese companies that are striving towards coming up with such a technology and developing it on a massive scale. 

This was stated by an official at Shenzhen Huiding Technology, a company that is engaged in developing touchscreen and fingerprinting technologies. The customers of this company include Lenovo and Huawei. With a large number of Chinese cellphone manufacturers entering the market, firms like Huiding Technology have been growing and thriving in the market. There are almost 100 local suppliers that have entered a joint partnership with Xiaomi, which is China’s leading manufacturer of smartphones.

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