Huawei to Get a Clean Bill for Cyber Security from UK

Published By : 26 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to an independent review board of British, the Chinese telecom company – Huawei is all set o receive a clean bill regarding cyber security health. This British board is specially established to determine the concerns related to security of the company’s technology. Previously, Huawei had many complications to enter the foreign markets which also included the market of United States. This trouble was faced as they all feared that the Beijing officials will be inserting some kind of bugs into the technology of the organization and will later spy on foreign countries.

However, China which is the second largest manufacturer of telecom devices was determined in running into the telecommunications network of United Kingdom. They had also established an oversight board so that they are absolutely sure that China is not going to exploit any of the organization’s access. The whole review process took whole year and it determined that none of the United Kingdom’s organization will be accessed by a critical network.

Huawei stated that they had previously provided with their own white paper that defends its robust practices of cyber security. They had never been asked by any country to provide help to spy on any other nation.

The report that has been presented stated that they have never received any kind of instructions from any agency or government to alter their policies, hardware, positions, software, or any other practices till date. Only some time they have been requested to enhance the capabilities of end-user cyber security. However, the lawmakers of United Kingdom were quite worried in 2013 and wanted to be very sure about Huawei before setting up any kind of deals.
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