HP to makes Further Advances in the Domain of Virtual Reality (VR)

Published By : 06 Feb 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The past initiatives of HP with regards to virtual reality (VR) have already shown the dexterity of the company. Continuing this streak of expertise with VR, HP has announced a new version of its windows headset that the company likes to call the ‘Professional Version’. Along with this, the company also introduced a ‘VR Launch Kit’ that would enable developers to accustom themselves with the new version. Upgrades in HP’s CPU to the Z4 workstation that would further augment virtual reality experiences are also underway.

Increased Utility for Commercial Workspaces

The new headset launched by HP would be particularly useful for professionals working in the commercial sector. The mixed reality headsets launched by HP come with three separate faceplates that can be detached and cleaned. Hence, workspaces where a single headset is used by multiple users would benefit from the new model. The padding of the headphone is similar to the previous model, thus, offering comfort and ease. The VR Launch Kit will be even more enthralling as it is based on the popular unreal engine platform, explains HP. The Z4 Workstation appears no different from the current model, but it would support Intel’s Core X CPUs, including 18-core Behemoth of the company.

Offerings for the Customer

The new headset would cost the customers $449 once it launches in March. The headset pack would include Mixed Reality Controllers by HP. The new addition to the product portfolio of HP is expected to enhance the global stakes of the company in VR. It would be interesting to see the progress of the company with VR and the response of the customers to the new product.

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