Housewares Event claims sold-out status

Published By : 09 Jan 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The owner and operator of the International Housewares Association reported that the 2014 International Home + Housewares Show was completely sold out in less than 10 weeks before the actual opening day of the show. The show is expected to begin on March 15 at 10 a.m. on Saturday, and close on March 18 at 3 p.m. on Tuesday. 

However, nothing has turned out how it was expected to be. In fact, as rightly said by Phil Brandl, the IHA president and CEO, this is the earliest of all times where the show has been sold out that exhibits a sign of how significant the world-class marketplace is to the worldwide IHA member suppliers. Phil is keen on bringing together the premier housewares trade event in the industry. 

The IHA event will have 400 new companies exhibiting their products for the first time in all these years, including host more than 2,100 exhibitors from all corners of the world. 

The event will also have a Savor Home - a revitalized gourmet specialty and food product category. There will be appetizing smell of delicious food and tastes all around the Savor Home alluring the buyers to experience the graceful gourmet and find themselves engaged in an entertaining destination set up around the celebrated Cooking Theater. 

Additionally, there will be nestled choices between the Design Expos in the South Building + Discover Design and Tabletop in the Dine in Savor Home. So, indeed, this is a never-to-miss event which will be filled with abundant gourmet food products, design-inspired wine accessories, and home entertaining themes for amusement. Spanning from do-it-yourself home brew kits to decadent chocolates, there will be a gamut of culinary delights served for every hostess, chef, and epicurean. 

Food is always the main highlight of any event. However, that being one, the other show highlights include the following; the Hall of Global Innovation featuring the Show’s special displays, further including Pantone ColorWatch, Going Green, the third annual IHA Innovation Awards, Discover Design - a place for buyers looking for exclusive products from innovative, design-focused, and high-design, out-of-the-box companies and industrial firms, the Innovation Theater with 20 presentations extending into aspects that revolve around social media, the crucial role of design, new product launches, consumer lifestyle trends, Global Innovation Awards (gia) and the IHA Student Design Competition, the lifestyle guru Tom Mirabile, and the standing-room educational seminars led by the IHA’s color expert Leatrice Eiseman. 

If you wish to view the entire show line-up, search Housewares Connect 365 online and download the complete list of 2014 exhibitors, and also view the product catalogs, new floor plans, new product videos and photos, and the complete company contact details for each and every exhibitor.
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