Hooch, the Drink-a-Say Startup Starts a New Premium Membership Plan

Published By : 24 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Hooch is a subscription startup that enables members to get one free drink every day from innumerable bars and restaurants, by adding a new membership level called Hooch Black. Members who sign up for Hooch Black had to subscribe by paying $9.99 per month until now. But, a new plan has offered users to subscribe with $295 per year.

More about Hooch Black, the Newest Option by Hooch

The new plan requires users to physically fill out an application form. Although it might look expensive, the new Hooch Black lets users get access to numerous perks, apart from the basic drink-a-day option too. These perks include deals at more than 100,000 hotels on a worldwide basis, wherein the users can choose from numerous drink options. According to the company’s co-founder CEO Lin Dai, the hotels are visible to members only through the app, wherein users can access lower unpublished prices that are not witnessed by anyone else online. In this case, the discounts are as high as sixty percent.

Reservations for free champagne, and discounts at specific restaurants are a part of the package offered by Hooch. There are other giveaways too, such as those in New York City, wherein launch offerings include Governor’s Ball as well as Hamilton. According to Lin Dai, the facility has always been an antidote to apps that enable proliferation of a ‘couch economy’. In simpler words, instead of sitting at home, Hooch offers a platform wherein people can go out, mingle, have fun, and increase their connections. With additional perks and associated real-world experiences, Hooch surely encourages activities that can help people improve their social interaction in different environments. Hooch members can also get access to ‘concierges’, who can make travel arrangements and dining reservations. In this way, members do not have to spend extra time to plan for going to parties and events; the concierges can make it happen for them.

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