Hong Kong Private Investor to Help Agua Brands Kick-Start International Expansion

Published By : 19 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Maker of Agua Fruit Essence and Agua Energy Water, Agua Brands announced on Monday the investment by Mr. Li Ka Shing’s private investment arm – Horizons Ventures. The Hong Kong investor’s strategic investments will lend support to Agua Brands as well as grant the company access to a wider international distribution footprint. Michael Venuti, president of Agua Brands, believes that joining forces with Horizons Ventures will give the brand a major platform and global presence. Working in partnership with an international powerhouse whose technology and brand investments have receives worldwide acclaim will prove to be immensely fruitful for Agua Brands. The details of the amount of investment and other transactions were not disclosed on Monday. 

The investment by Horizons Ventures will give Agua Brands a proper kick-start to its plans of international expansion. The expansion starts in Asia, which has been identified as the perfect location to introduce a healthier version of a pick me up energy drink. The founders of Agua Brands are former vitamin water executives and are as such pioneers in innovation. They are responsible for the development of the first healthy, no gimmick, hydrating, and low calorie energy water beverages that have been derived from the guarana berry, a natural source of caffeine.

Chris Lai of Horizons Ventures said that the management team at Agua Brands presents a wealth of experience when it comes to creating and marketing novel beverages in the United States. He added that their partnership hopes to bring together all the necessary elements that will help develop a global beverages company to provide consumers with healthy drinks. 

Agua Brands was launched in 2012 with the goal of creating healthier alternatives within the current beverage segments. The aim was also to develop a space that will bring together contemporary products within the category of healthy refreshments.

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