Honda has unveiled its New Bike The Bulldog

Published By : 25 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Motorcycles are undergoing modern makeover and the newest addition to this group is a bike which is from Honda. This new bike called Honda Bulldog is a boxy shaped and matte finish featuring bike. It has pastel trimming with a beautiful dark charcoal color and has a rounded out engine which has taken from one of its existing motorcycle and these trimming are required to be a general touring bike.

The concept behind this bike has been showcased in Japan, however, the question about if the bike will be eventually able to get one of your own is not yet answered. The name for the bike comes from its boxy and generally faults design. This model has a modern almost grungy appeal without it becoming unattractive. This concept of a bike boasts an engine with 400 cc and 15 inch knobbed tires. Also, a few of the cases are displayed on the side of the bike for holding items, which gives it that flair of touring. However, these are a rather hidden placement.

The recently released pictures of the bike show that the bike has some rollbars which are wrapped around it. These do the double job of acting as a protective element and also a part of the overall design. This has been complemented with a nice pair of headlights, liquid cooling, disc brake coupled with a clutch which was displayed on the car however more details are still no announced. However, the seat height of the Honda’s Bulldog is of around 28 inch.

Honda has displayed its concept motorcycle during the Osaka Motorcycle Show held in Japan. But, is Honda planning to roll this bike to its customers and it does will we be able to see it on this side of the pond is still yet not clear. More details such as related to the pricing of the bike are still unanswered.
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