Homeowners Requested to Upgrade to Green Energy

Published By : 09 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Several homeowners based in the inner city are presently making the transition from the traditional fuel supplier to renewable/greener alternatives, states Green Square that is one of the leading renewable energy firms in the United Kingdom.

Nonetheless, according to the recent-most application statistics from the Renewable Heating Incentive, Manchester, London, and other important cities are still lagging in their rural counterparts when compared to fueling their homes with green energy. For city housing, where the space is quite limited and the properties are older and not properly insulated, the process of installing renewable energy technology can be more challenging when compared to the off grid rural properties. In the rural properties, the decision of transition from oil to LPG to greener technology are substantially cheaper, and hence implemented.

However, there are appropriate renewable energy combinations that are emerging as the front runners for homeowners located in the inner city that are aiming to decrease their carbon footprint and save some money on their utility bills. For example, biomass stoves tend to burn off the easy to store pellets. These stoves are not only aesthetically pleasing as a focal point of a room but also in the colder months they provide hot water and heat to the home.

Furthermore, apart from installing solar thermal panels the water for the house can be heated for free via the summer, instead of using the stove at all. The solar thermal panels deliver to the house with a capacity of two panels instead of solar PV that take up a lot of space.
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