HMD Global Ensure Better Quality of Nokia Smartphones to Users

Published By : 23 Nov 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A Finnish mobile phone company, HMD Global that holds authorization to develop Nokia smartphones has recently collaborated with Servify to provide guarantee to safeguard several range of smartphones against risk beyond standard warranty. The company also offers standard warranty for the product.

The company’s plans starts with the lowest cost worth Rs 399, which offers insurance guarantee for almost 12 month. The Nokia smartphone users are provided with three various options for insurance plans, of which two can be done after 15 days of the smartphone purchase.  The insurance primarily covers the protection of the smartphone from any type of damage like liquid damaged protection, accidents, and mobile phone screen damage protection. The third insurance covers the extended guarantee plans which can be a done within 365 days of purchased period.

HMD Global Aims to Leverage Potential of After-Sale Platform

The HMD Global hopes to provide assurance to Nokia smartphone users about their investment. To this end, it is extending this by collaborating with the Servify to provide reasonable and extended guarantee policy to their customers. The company also stated that this initiative will help the customers maintain smartphones. The company also believes that the trust and reliability are the core in customer experience.

Taking about the aforementioned policy, HMD Global also assures its clients about their trust on Nokia and their combined effort to provide transparent experience for the consumers purchasing Nokia smartphone. The company is taking all effort for the consumers by developing after-sale platform. Meanwhile, Servify believes that it is imperative to leverage the potential of after-sales tech platform for transparent experience for smartphone users.

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