Heightened Health Awareness influences the Sizes of Beverage Portions being consumed these days

Published By : 02 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

As per SIG Combibloc, the amount of beverages that people take these days has been reducing over a period of time because of factors such as greater awareness about the harmful effects of excessive sugar consumption and calories. Most consumers these days take to organic dairy products in addition to beverages that are either low in calories or are sugarfree. The company recently declared that it would be expanding its market for Coffee Mate creamers in collaboration with Nestle Mexico.

Initially, there were three main varieties that were launched in 2013, in the combifitMidi and now the product portfolio boasts of ten new flavors that are of volumes 750ml and 500ml. It is expected that more flavors will be introduced in the market. Mexico being a rich market in terms of food products, people, beverages, and consumer preferences, it proves to be a very lucrative market. In some consumer segments, a certain change is being observed because of stagnant consumption patterns, changes in tastes and preferences, and a growing geriatric population. However, it is the younger consumers’ segment that is more inclined towards the “on-the-go” pattern of consumption. 

One of the main factors responsible for such as consumption pattern is the paucity of time being faced by the young adults these days. This is also a prominent factor why people are opting for processed foods and also the pre-cooked ones. In the Mexican market, liquid dairy foods are mostly packaged in carton packs, and it is this market that is best suited for dairy foods that are ambient. Fresh dairy foods and products are also easily available but it cannot be compared to the available options in the area of ambient products. PET bottles and carton packs are the common forms of packaging when it comes to the NCSD products segment.
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