Heightened Awareness Regarding Health and Fitness Augments Demand for Wearable Sensor Devices

Published By : 28 Jul 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Wearable sensors have the ability to monitor bodily activities and are thus extensively embedded in wearable devices, to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature. The global wearable sensors market is thus driven by the heightened awareness of people across the globe regarding health and fitness. Moreover, the drop in the price of components required for the manufacturing of these sensors is helping market players to sell these wearable devices at low costs. This is driving the adoption rate of wearable sensors in wearable devices.

According to the report, the global wearable sensor market is expected to expand at a whopping 45.20% CAGR from 2014 to 2020.

Integration of Wearable Sensors in Health Monitoring Devices to Fuel their Demand

Companies such as Samsung, Jawbone, and Apple are developing skin patches that can be used to detect several health problems. Wearable sensors also allow users to monitor health through remote access. Companies are thus integrating wearable sensors in health monitoring to help detect movement, temperature, and heart rate. Moreover, owing to technological advancements, wearable sensors are able to collect data from an individual and monitor the data as well.

High Use of Eye, Wrist, and Body Wear to Fuel Growth of Wearable Sensors Market in North America

The adoption of high end devices in the medical sector is driving the demand for wearable sensors in North America, making it the leading regional segment. North America was leading in the market in the past and is expected to retain its dominant hold over the market in the future owing to high use of eye wear, wrist wear, and body wear, by the health conscious people. The growing awareness about technology among the people in North America and their familiarity smart gadgets are boosting the wearable sensors market to grow in the region.

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