Healthy Eating can Increase Life Expectancy for Prostrate Patients

Published By : 01 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Men that are affected with prostate cancer can greatly reduce their chance of dying from the condition if they continue to eat healthily after the diagnosis, according to U.S. study.

People who follow a western diet that contains a lot of processed and red meat, refined grains, and fat were around two and half times more likely to die from prostrate as compared to the people who did not follows such as diet. The research scientists evaluated the health and diet information of around 926 men that participated in a U.S. investigation called ‘Physician’s Health Study’ that were diagnosed with the cancer related to prostrate.

After the diagnosis of this condition, the patients were followed for an average of around 14 years and were put in one of the four groups, which was as per the extent they would follow a typical western diet.

According to a researcher from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, Dr. Jorge Chavarro there was little evidence to counsel men that were affected with prostate cancer and how they could make change to their lifestyle to improve their chances of survival.

The doctor further stated that their results suggest that a heart-healthy diet can benefit the patients of prostate cancer by reducing their chances of dying due to prostate cancer. These findings are available in the journal Cancer Prevention Research.

The past studies have demonstrated that some of the foods may decelerate the growth of the prostate cancer or even reduce the risk of it returning after treatment, however, the evidence is quite limited. Some examples of good food include soya products, cooked/processed tomatoes, kidney beans, lentils, kale, broccoli, and cruciferous vegetables.
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