Healthcare Predictions for 2016

Published By : 23 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The year 2015 has witnessed remarkable developments in an effort to truly transform health care. The fight against chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity has made impressive progress and health care providers and payers have both realized the importance of health care reform and are working to reinvent themselves. 

The future of health care is most definitely bright. Here are a few health care predictions for the coming year. 

Healthcare creators will emerge as an innovative new business model. Thanks to material science, 3D printing, virtual reality, Researchkit and Healthkit, personalized health care products such as prosthetics, casts, wearables, and other patient designed solutions will be made to order, and often at home. DIY inventions will also make their presence known with people making niche wellness and health products. This is likely to challenge regulators in keeping pace with the customized health. 

Digital health will continue to shine in 2016 as digital diagnostics such as wearables, health apps, and nearables will allow the streaming of health data from the consumer to the health care provider. More robust horizontal innovations will be possible owing to point and vertical solutions.

The clunky and outdated technology that characterizes the health care systems of Europe and the US will be replaced by low tech solutions developed in countries that are actually poor in resources. Termed as the leapfrog effect, case studies coming out of India, Africa, and South America will make headlines in the coming year. 

There will be a number of startups that will focus on artificial intelligence. Just as IBM’s Watson made news in 2015 by catalyzing the idea of artificial intelligence, so will 2016 see many more innovations moving from the lab to the spotlight. 

People will be more open to the idea of drones and robots as forces that aid health care. With rise in aging population, the use of healthbots or robotic health aids.

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