Healthcare API Market: Emerging Economies Present Untapped Opportunity

Published By : 06 Oct 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

North America has been leading the global market for healthcare API (application programming interface) and the region is expected to continue to be the most lucrative revenue generator in time to come. North America, primarily the U.S. and Canada, have robust IT infrastructure and have a presence of several prominent players in the region. However, emerging economies such as China, India, Japan and Brazil which have had a limited IT infrastructure, are fast realizing the usefulness of healthcare API and are expected to drive the market in near future.

Healthcare API is Beneficial to All, Be it Patients, Vendors, or Researchers

It is not always easy to decide which new doctor to consult. With the help of healthcare API, patients can find details such as experience, specialty and timings of a doctor before consulting them. Patients can now track their appointment token and travel only when required. Moreover, healthcare API are also enabling remote monitoring and consultancy which in turn is bringing high quality medical assistance to general population and growing in demand especially in economies under development. Payment processes are also being made swift by these APIs.

Healthcare API are also making payment processes convenient. With further advancements, healthcare API are also capable of providing a consultancy to patients without a medical expert. Several diseases have same symptoms and on the basis of medical reports, patients can be provided with a prescription. This feature of healthcare API not only saves the time of the doctors and makes the consultancy process quicker, it also makes the overall process cost effective. Emerging economies can be benefitted immensely by this feature.

For Researchers, healthcare API can make the data readily available from anywhere in the world and also helps them claim their hypothesis. 

Asia Pacific is the Biggest Upcoming Market

Population is one of the primary reason for Asia Pacific to explore more into the healthcare API market. There’s a gradual rise in the acceptance of healthcare API in the developing economies, especially among the urban population. Facilities provided by healthcare API such as wearable medical devices are fast proving their practicality. Moreover, healthcare application programming interface market is being fueled by rapid rise in popularity of smartphones in growing countries such as India and China.

Prominent players in the health care API market are already making a footprint in Asia pacific region, trying to gain an edge over the untapped market.

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