Healthcare Agencies Unite to Offer Improved Healthcare Programs for the Poor

Published By : 11 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Barangay health centers, provincial hospitals, rural health units, and Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center VSMMC united along with the Cebu Provincial Government to drive health programs for the poor. An agreement was signed with the health department to connect the rural health units to barangay health centers and district hospitals to regional medical centers. Private medical institutions were also connected with several medical centers. 

According to the agreement, poor families, which are recognized by the National Household Targeting System NHTS, will be given priority to receive medical assistance from various healthcare centers. Children, single women, married women, and infants will receive medical assistance on priority basis, stated Dr. Bernadas, the DOH Regional Director.

Poor families will be regularly encouraged to visit nearby healthcare centers so that they will be listed for PhilHealth check-up authorization. Post this, the families will be eligible to avail free medicines, and free consultation services from any of the healthcare units. The main motto behind linking different hospitals is to offer quality services with respect to medical devices, drugs, and treatments. 

Suitable manpower will be arranged to assist families in availing required trainings. Medical officers associated with the program will receive specialty training on various procedures like, specialized diagnosis, laboratory procedures, and others. Scarcity of medicines and advanced medical devices will be addressed and the procedure to procure them will be shortened. The memoranda of agreement states that all provincial hospitals will host the health services. Medical staff will be appointed to offer laboratory and ancillary services. 

Specialist doctors will take care of the treatments, surgery, medical devices, and equipment. In order to keep the medical stock updated, all unused medicines will be returned to the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center VSMMC. By uniting all different medical agencies, the poor families will be well-assisted with medical services. 
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