Hawaii Amps its Efforts for Renewable Energy Sector

Published By : 19 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The state - Hawaii has become first of its kind to put a mandate to improve their 100 per cent renewable energy. In a vote of 74 to 2 from the Hawaiian legislature, the lawmakers have finally passed a bill which calls for this region to be 100 per cent reliant on renewable energy sources by the end of 2045.

According to this bill, the purpose of this Act is to ensure update and expand the Hawaii’s clean energy program and the renewable energy portfolio standards to meet the long term benefit to the state’s economy and set a goal of one hundred per cent sustainable on renewable sources by 2045.

By cutting down on all carbon based sources the electricity by 2045 can prove a quite a challenge as presently around 80 per cent of the electricity in this state is generated by oil. Furthermore, the state has the most expensive rates for electricity in the country which is due to the import of large quantities of oil to the islands. According to a report, the state pays around 175 per cent about the national average for their oil needs. As per the new law there will be 40 per cent dependency on the renewable energy sources by end of 2030 and around 60 per cent by 2040.

A representative from the House Energy and Environmental Protection Committee and Hawaii the renewable energy presently in Hawaii is costing less than oil or any other carbon associates sources to produce and is moving toward meeting their standards of renewable energy which has saved locals hundreds of millions on their electric bills.
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