Have Huawei Unleashed a Game-changer in the Kirin 970?

Published By : 04 Sep 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Huawei announced the next step in their strong march towards the top of the smartphones industry at this month’s IFA in Berlin. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, announced the launch of the Kirin 970, a key step for Huawei considering the hype it has already generated, and the upcoming flagship Mate 10, which will be the first to use the advanced system-on-chip.

Huawei has primarily been a telecommunications giant for most of its history, but with the advent of the booming smartphone industry in China, the telecom leader has made the most of its opportunity in the burgeoning sector, claiming a valuable spot in the global electronics industry with striking products lines such as Honor and Mate. Smart collaborations with the likes of Google have also paid out well for Huawei, with the company now making big strides in the consumer electronics industry, making full use of its diverse capabilities in the communication technology sector.

What does the Kirin 970 Promise?

The Kirin 970 has been developed with particular focus on integrating AI capabilities into the chip itself, rather than relying on an Internet-based connection to server sites. This has led to the production of what Yu called “the world’s first mobile device with a neural processing unit”. The use of two image signal processors on the Kirin 970 renders it excellent for use in photography-oriented cameras, with the two processors making the camera capable of recognizing the scene and making intelligent focus and lighting adjustments accordingly. Other tasks will also be enhanced by the presence of a proactive problem solver in the Kirin 970, as the NPU is designed to actively provide you the best performance possible.

The Kirin 970 also helps in delivering faster wireless connections. With smartphone connectivity becoming a key feature in several emerging regions, this could be a major USP for the upcoming Mate 10. The higher efficiency of the Kirin 970 also helps deliver better battery consumption, all of which points to the possible entry of a gamechanger in the mobile phone chipset industry. 

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