Harley-Davidson’s Electric Bike to Launch after a Few More Years

Published By : 05 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Harley Davidson has been displaying its first electric motorcycle part of the Project LiveWire for almost a year now. The prototype of the electric motorcycle from Harley Davidson was on promotional tours in the United States to collect feedback from riders. The firm has not in the past mentioned the launch dates for this electric bike, but has recently confirmed that it will take a while before this motor bike, LiveWire goes on for sale. Harley Davidson’s Matt Levatich, the Chief Executive stated that this launch is not likely to happen in the next couple of years, however it is not going to happen after 2020 either.

The man issues according to the Chief Executive are cost and range. The prototypes that were around three dozen in number are functional till only 50 miles. After covering this much distance they need charging. According to the Chief Executive, people are ready to pay for an electric motorcycle around US$20,000, however, it is difficult for the company to make profit at this rate.

As compared to the smaller enterprise Zero Motorcycles the model Zero SR, an electric motorbike starts at US$15,995. Furthermore, this motorbike from Zero Motorcycles is capable of around 115 miles distance that can be a combination of city and highway driving. Another major rival is Polaris Industries that is set to launch soon its own electric motorbike this year for a price ranging US$21,000 to US$25,000. 

Harley-Davidson does not gauge any harm in waiting though. The firm is confident that its star power along with their dominant market share means they don’t have to rush out this product.
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